Tom's inherent talent and effortless style quickly propelled him to the top of the pro surfing scene AT A YOUNG AGE. His status as a surfing phenomenon was in part a result of the original wave-riding styles he developed that provided explosive bursts of power and allowed him to better maneuver turns.

He withdrew from the surf scene at the height of his career only to make a SURGING comeback to competition in 1990, where he won seven events before winning his final world tour in 1991. Tom has three world championships and 33 championship events under his belt.

His most notable career accomplishments include:

  • 1990 ASP World Champion
  • 1998 Clarion Car Audio Surf Tour Overall Champion
  • 1986 Win Op Pro Huntington Beach, California
  • 1985-86 Back-To-Back ASP World Champion
  • 1982 Joined ASP World Championship Tour
  • 1982 Amateur World Championship
  • 1980-1981 Two-time U.S. Junior National champion
  • 1978-79 U.S. Boys Nationals
  • 1978 Boys fourteen-and-under Western Surfing Association Champion

AFTER WINNING HIS BACK-TO-BACK WORLD TITLES, TOM RETREATED FROM THE PROFESSIONAL SURF SCENE AND STAYED IN FRANCE WITH HIS WIFE AND TWO CHILDREN, LEE-ANN AND NATHAN, both well-known and accomplished surfers. After a comeback that included his third world title, Tom retired from professional surfing. Tom's career and unique style immortalized him as one of the greatest surfers of all time. Tom has four children, Lee-Ann, Nathan, Francis and Pat and currently lives in Santa Barbara with his wife Maky, where he continues to develop his music career.

Lee-Ann Curren (Tom's Daughter - Pro Surfer and Musician) Pat Curren (Tom's Son - Surfer) Frank Curren (Tom's Son - Surfer)